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EOTR™ are pleased to support the Austrian Club Melbourne by sending along a “Dirndl” to lend a helping hand and our favourite Mr Paparazzi, disguised as “Lausbub".   There are a few surprise snapshots, but if you’ve heard this cheeky fresh quip (count to 6!   in German for me) then chances are good that you’ll find yourself captured on film.   Which event were you at?   Take me to Mr Paparazzi’s diary to see more…



Austrian Club Melbourne

Quick Profile:

A cultural society dedicated to promoting and maintaining Austrian culture, with particular emphasis on Austrian fine arts, music and literature and for providing cultural, social, recreational and sporting facilities.


Australia — in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Heidelberg.



Wilkommen im Oesterreichischen Klub Melbourne.

That’s the first thing you’ll notice about this club.   Its friendliness and warmth.   And the friendliness and warmth of its people.  The second thing you’ll notice is that the attempt to recreate the Austrian charm and to promote and maintain the Austrian culture is more than lip–service.   It’s a piece of home…


Bring a friend or come alone.   The door is open…

Activities members enjoy include:

  • Austrian Choir singing the songs of home…
  • The Deer Hunters and air–rifle shooting.
  • Frauengruppe — the Ladies Group enjoys crafts and organises raffles for the Austrian Club.
  • The Tischtennis members say “move it or lose it".   We say fit table–tennis fun means “move it to lose it".
  • Stockschiessen — the sport of curling.
  • Schach — chess in the “gemuetliche Kellerstub’n”

Here’s the good news.   A not–for–profit organisation run mainly by unpaid volunteers, the Austrian Club Melbourne is open to everyone.   You don’t have to be a member to come along.   Open on Saturday nights and for Sunday lunch, the Austrian Club Melbourne offers:

  • Austrian fine food and drink — Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel and Kaffee mit Schlagobers…
  • Musik & Tanz — Music and Dance in the large main hall with a good–sized dance area.
  • Good clean family entertainment.   The Austrian Club’s family minded, so feel free to bring the kids.
  • Schatzkammerl — A treasury of goodies and gifts to buy, specialties from back home.
  • Childrens playground.   For the littlies, but we’ve seen the occasional big kid enjoying themselves too.
  • Outside seating possibilities and large well–kept grounds.   Perfect for Easter–Egg hunts.
  • Lots of parking space on club grounds, so it’s safe.
  • Mozart and Strauss Stuben — private function rooms available for hire for your special occasion.
  • Members activities fostering cultural, social and recreational interests during the week.
  • A great atmosphere, with a variety of interesting and enjoyable events and functions.
  • Austrian National Day celebrations.
  • Austrian Festivals and Garden Celebrations — like the Spring Festival and Harvest Festival.
  • Open Stage Evening — Opportunities for new artists.   And invitations to guests, to join in and strut their stuff.
  • Black Tie events such as the ZZZ Radio Station Ball and New Years Eve Ball.
  • Traditional “Schuhplattler” dance performances and “Volkstuemliche Musik".
  • A forum for multicultural appreciation — guest artists from other cultures regularly perform at the Austrian Club.
  • Hosts to the Swiss National Day, Robert Stolz Society get togethers and local Rotary Association meetings.

And there’s always something new on the horizon…


Upcoming Events

To find out about upcoming events and what’s been planned at the Austrian Club in the next few months, visit the Austrian Club homepage at and check out the Austrian Club’s Event Calendar , or Email: for more information.



Register your interest:

This is your chance to register your interest:

The youth in Austria have spoken.   They love it loud.   They love it modern.   There is a new breed of Austrian culture.   The POP and Schlager culture.

OK, so the “Musik” is a little international, but it’s still predominantly German–spoken, or sung, or rapped, or… whatever you want to call it.   With everything from Rammstein to Schnappi and from Michelle to Hansi Hinterseer.

All ages are invited.   However Youth Night is expected to be predominantly for the young 15 — 45 yr olds (yep — still young at 45!) who can cope with loud music, energetic dancing and late night partying…

Can Friday Nights be Youth Night?

To send an email to Mr Paparazzi to register you interest, Click here…



There has been talk of re–establishing a regular traditional Austrian Schuhplattler dance group.   Dances like the Maypole Dance, the Watschentanz and the Laendler are not just fun, but also a fabulous way to keep guys and girls fit and flexible.

Who is interested in joining us?

To send an email to Mr Paparazzi to register your interest, Click here…


Mr Paparazzi’s Diary

Mr Paparazzi has been busy.   Below is a list of events where the man with the magic camera was in attendance at the Austrian Club.   The date and name of each event acts as a link to a separate page for that event.   Click on the links to jump to the pages and view the photos.

Should you find a fabulous photo of yourself or your loved ones on these pages, you can email Mr Paparazzi with the event date, event name and photo ID to obtain an active link to download a copy.

Alternatively, should you find yourself on these pages and object to your photo being displayed or available for download, please contact us with the relevant event date, event name and photo ID.   On request, we’ll remove the offending photo from this website.

Please note that photos may have been touched up to protect the guilty.


Welcome To The Austrian Club. Have a look at our club facilities… (TBD)

Events 2010

31st October 2010

National Day- NEW!!!!

18th September 2010

Steierer Abend - NEW!!!!

7th August 2010

Swing Night - NEW!!!!

24th July 2010

Tirol Abend

17th July 2010

Italian Evening

11th July 2010

Christmas In July

10th July 2010

Christmas In July

26th June 2010

Burgenland Abend

20th June 2010


18th June 2010

Koehne Quartet

13th June 2010

Silver Wonderland

29th May 2010

Swing Night

15th May 2010

Hungarian Night

9th May 2010

Mothers Day

8th May 2010

Elvis Is Back with IC Rock

2nd May 2010

Mai Baum

18th April 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

11th April 2010

Robert Stolz Society

10th April 2010

66th Anniversary

4th April 2010


28th March 2010

Philips Birthday

27th March 2010

Swing Night

21st March 2010

Swiss Festival

14th March 2010

Autumn Festival

13th March 2010

Marianne And Mimmo

27th February 2010

ZZZ Ball

14th February 2010

Silver Echoes Band

13th February 2010


6th February 2010

IC Rock Band

30th January 2010

Continental Trio Band

27th January 2010

Rotary "Australia Day"

12th January 2010

Volunteers Party

11th January 2010

Committee Party

Events 2009

31st December 2009

New Years Eve

20th December 2009

Christmas Concert

6th December 2009


5th December 2009


8th November 2009

Spring Festival

1st November 2009

National Day

24th October 2009

Octoberfest Abend

10th October 2009

Swing Night

27th September 2009


19th September 2009

Steirer Abend

23rd August 2009

Happy Slovenians

8th August 2009

Swing Night

26th July 2009

Matthias Giesen And The Florianer Tanzlgeiga

25th July 2009

Christmas In July

19th July 2009

Accordian Society

18th July 2009

Tiroler Abend

4th July 2009

Swing Night

27th June 2009


31st May 2009

Swing Night

23rd May 2009


10th May 2009

Mothers Day

25th April 2009


19th April 2009

Robert Stolz Society


65th Anniversary History (Previous Committees)

18th April 2009

65th Anniversary

12th April 2009


4th April 2009

Swing Night

29th March 2009


22th March 2009

Swiss Festival

15th March 2009

Autumn Festival

7th March 2009

3ZZZ Ball

11th January 2009

Volunteers Party

Events 2008

31st December 2008

New Years Eve

24th December 2008

Temporary Generator (due to power failure)

14th December 2008

Christmas Carols

12th December 2008

Accordian Society Christmas

7th December 2008


6th December 2008


30th November 2008

Robert Stolz Society

30th November 2008

Robert Stolz Society

29th November 2008

Swing Night

22nd November 2008

Wien Abend

9th November 2008

Spring Festival

28th October 2008

Vienna-Neubau Choral Society

26th October 2008

National Day

18th October 2008

Fancy Dress

5th October 2008

Steirer Abend

27th September 2008

Swing Night

14th September 2008

Annual General Meeting

7th September 2008

Fathers Day

23rd August 2008

Stock Sport Group

9th August 2008

Swing Night

2nd August 2008


25th July 2008

Polynesian Spectacular

20th July 2008

Birthday Parties

19th July 2008

Birthday Party

5th July 2008


22nd June 2008

Concert - Accordian Society of Australia

14th June 2008

Swing Night

31st May 2008

Tiroler Abend

24th May 2008


11th May 2008

Mothers Day

4th May 2008

Mai Baum Dance

27th April 2008

Robert Stolz Society

26th April 2008


20th April 2008

Easy Sunday Birthday Celebrations

19th April 2008

Austrian Choir Dinner Dance

16th April 2008

Rotary Club Meeting

6th April 2008

Swiss Festival

23rd March 2008

Osterfest — Easter Festival

2nd March 2008

Harvest Festival

23rd February 2008

3ZZZ Ball

16th January 2008

Volunteers Party

Events 2007

31st December 2007

New Years Eve 2007

16th December 2007

Christmas Concert

8th December 2007

Austrian Choir

2nd December 2007


1st December 2007


17th November 2007


11th November 2007

Spring Festival

13th October 2007

Fancy Dress Ball

6th October 2007

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

23rd September 2007

The Merry Widow (with movies!)

14th September 2007

Herbert and Herbert (with movies!)

1st September 2007

Steirer Abend

5th August 2007

Austrian Choir and Aborigine

4th August 2007

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

14th July 2007

Tiroler Abend

16th June 2007

Burgenland (with movies!)

2nd June 2007

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

27th May 2007


19th May 2007

Austrian Choir Anniversary (with movies!)

21st April 2007

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

14th April 2007

LederHosen Ball

8th April 2007

Osterfest — Easter Festival

3rd April 2007

Mannergesangsverein Matrei

1st April 2007

Swiss Festival (with movies!)

11th March 2007

Autumn Harvest Festival (with movies!)

3rd March 2007

3ZZZ Ball

Events 2006

31st December 2006

New Years Eve

17th December 2006

Weihnachtsfeier (with movies!)

9th December 2006

Choir Christmas Concert (with movies!)

3rd December 2006

Krampus and Nikolaus

2nd December 2006

Krampus and Nikolaus

18th November 2006


4th November 2006

Stockschiesser Jahresball

29th October 2006

Austrian National Day

15th October 2006

Fruhlings fest

7th October 2006

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

24th September 2006

Musik Und Tanz Mit Heinz

23rd September 2006

Kreuzberg Rebellen

16th September 2006

Steirer Abend

19th August 2006

Viennese Accordion Ensemble

22nd July 2006

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

3rd June 2006

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

14th May 2006

Muttertag — Mothers Day

22nd April 2006

Lederhosen & Dirndl Ball

16th April 2006

Osterfest — Easter Festival

9th April 2006

Swiss Festival

8th April 2006

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

1st April 2006

Australian Bushdance

18th March 2006

Harvest Festival

25th February 2006

3ZZZ Ball

Events 2005

31st December 2005

New Years Eve

18th December 2005

Christmas Concert — Austrian Choir

4th December 2005

Krampus and Nikolaus

3th December 2005

Krampus and Nikolaus

30th October 2005

National Day

16th October 2005

Fruhlings Fest - Spring Festival

2nd October 2005

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

24th September 2005

Steirer Abend

28th August 2005

Open Stage

20th August 2005

Musikverein Malmsheim Concert

13th August 2005

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

30th July 2005

Tiroler Abend

17th June 2005

Open Stage

4th June 2005


28th May 2005

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

17th April 2005

Swiss Festival

2nd April 2005

Swing Night with John Wanner Swing Orchestra

Events 2004

31st December 2004

New Years Eve

18th December 2004

Christmas Concert

11th December 2004

Christmas Concert — Austrian Choir

5th December 2004

Krampus and Nikolaus

4th December 2004

Krampus and Nikolaus


Some events were archived prior to the creation of this webpage.   Archived events will be added to Mr Paparazzi’s diary at a later stage.   Please check back another time or email Mr Paparazzi to enquire.

Unfortunately Paparazzi isn’t able to attend every function.   If you have some photos you’d like to share, please email them to us.   We want you to be included and to feel important, because you are important.   Contributors’ photos that we post on this site to share with others will acknowledge the photographer — YOU.   Thank–you for sharing.